//3 Important Home Care Tips

3 Important Home Care Tips

As a homeowner, I have gone through the frustration of making repairs at inopportune times. A good majority of these repairs could have been avoided by performing some preventative maintenance, but of course I failed to do so.

Don’t make the same mistakes myself and others have made, trust me, it’s no fun! Here’s a few home care tips to consider.

Have Your Furnace Maintained Yearly– You wake up in the middle of the night to a house that feels rather chilly and you go check your thermostat and it reads 63 degrees. Your kids are fortunately sleeping, but you can’t rest knowing everyone will wake up to a cold house. Don’t let this happen to you! Have your handy HVAC professional stop by during the month of November or December when the furnace is operational to give it a tune up. Replacing the humidifier and furnace filters per manufacturer specs is also important. Don’t have the sediment from the humidifier filter build up in the condensation drain line and cause a clog. It happened to me and it’s not a fun experience!

Caulk Concrete Cracks Immediately- Leaving cracks in your concrete is a big no-no. Not only will this create long term tripping hazards, but also allowing for water to infiltrate and push up the in-place slab. Trust me, replacing concrete slabs is WAY!!! costlier than buying $5 tubes of caulk and protecting one of the most costly exterior assets of your property.

Insulate & Air Seal Your Home- One of the biggest ways to waste energy is to have a leaky home, enabling the heating and cooling dollars spent to be wasted. At minimum, make sure your attic is insulated with R-49 insulation. Other ways to save are to add weather-stripping to doors, caulking window frames, and box-in can lighting (yes air escapes through light fixtures). I guarantee you will see a decreased consumption on your heating and cooling costs over the long run, earning a monthly savings and giving you a nice return on investment.

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