//You’ll Never Achieve Your Dream Home Unless You Follow These 5 Steps

You’ll Never Achieve Your Dream Home Unless You Follow These 5 Steps

Do you ever imagine yourself walking into your luxurious bathroom fit with separate shower AND jacuzzi tub? How about your open floor layout with the state of the art kitchen, flowing directly into your flex living room? Man caves with theater seating to urban living near the L and Metra, your next dream home is out there waiting for you.

But you’re living in that rental unit paying someone else’s mortgage, vulnerable to yearly increases by your Landlord. Most of us have been there, hungry to make that change. Are you wondering how to break the cycle and get into that dream home? Well let me help you out and share these five tips.

  1. Create a budget and understand what you can spend on your dream home on a monthly basis.
  2. Scrutinize your expenses. Maybe they can be pared down to improve your buying power?
  3. Talk with a lender and get well versed on different types of financing. Learn about the programs that are available. Master the difference between 30 year fixed loans and 5-10 year ARMs. Trust me, there’s some attractive lending programs available in different zip codes. Just ask and I’ll introduce you to my network of lenders!
  4. Get that pre-approval letter so we know how big we can dream.
  5. Let’s work together to go find your dream home!

Are you ready to break the cycle and make your dreams come true in 2017? Leading Edge Realty Advisors are always on your side.

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