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The rise of women landlords — and why they’re different than their male counterparts

Women are more likely to own rental properties than their own business — at least in the UK, where 40 percent of landlords are ladies.

And 64 percent of women landlords surveyed by Simple Landlords Insurance — a British company that spoke with 400 landlords of both genders for a 2017 study — manage their properties themselves.

Data on women landlords in the U.S. isn’t as easily accessible but the results of the survey are empowering for women (and men, too!) considering entering the real estate business, regardless of where they live.

Of 500 tenants polled, the vast majority said landlord gender didn’t matter but women landlords were described as reasonable, organized and as taking pride in their properties. That opinion might skew toward women if tenants knew lady landlords were actually more open to renting to a variety of tenants — including students, retirees and housing benefit recipients.

While women are slightly more likely than men to become “accidental landlords,” acquiring rentals through inheritance or because they moved in with a partner, 48 percent made a conscious decision to invest. For one woman who spoke at length about her landlord experience, owning property means freedom from the 9-to-5 grind.

A landlady in Florida began scooping up foreclosures in 1995 and is using her 23 single-family rental homes to fund her retirement. While an 83-year-old woman in San Diego prefers commercial real estate in the form of a 26,000-square-foot office and the standard of living the extra income offers her.

Like any business, landlordship comes with some hardships; being on call 24/7, the occasional difficult tenant and women sometimes face unique problems like predatory contractors. But if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and add a new revenue stream to your portfolio a good advisor can help you locate the right rental property for you.

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