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Our organization consistently provides fiscally responsible advice and connections to our qualified network.


LERAdvisors is the place where Chicagoland real estate investors, commercial tenants, landlords and homebuyers learn how to leverage the market to close the right deal every time.


With over 20+ years of combined experience in multiple types of business settings, from institutional corporate America to small business and everything in between including not-for-profit. We’ve picked up on some common themes and documented these best practices over the years, making them part of our playbook.


Every month LERAdvisors hosts networking events, providing another way for our business partners to share how they help their clients and customers.


LERAdvisors starts every engagement by clearly identifying your goals. The road to achieving them is often a workaround to your current obstacles.

We look at large assignments and break them down into smaller parts, making the complex, simple. We plan strategies to our proposed solutions in-person, so all the objectives and solutions are transparent.

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